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  • Flight Aviator Fostering ProjectFlight Aviator Fostering Project
  • Support project for aviation-specialized universitiesSupport project for aviation-specialized universities
  • Support projects for aviation internshipSupport projects for aviation internship
  • Basic aviation manpower fostering projectBasic aviation manpower fostering project

Basic aviation manpower fostering project

01 Project Purpose
To construct the base for the supply of excellent manpower to the aviation industry, through the fostering of field-oriented basic aviation manpower, fitting to the demand in the industry, by a selection of aviation-specialized highschools
To induce fostering of the expertise of the trainees through providing various education benefits, such as on the job training, overseas maintenance training, and field trips to industrial corporations
02 Overview of the project
Duration 2012~2016(for 5 years)
Fostering goal about 500 basic aviation manpower in the aviation maintenance, electronics, and mechanics fields
Project expense a total of 2.5 billion won (0.5 billion won per year)
Consigned institutes a total of 5 highschools (as of 2012)
- Participating schools: Gangho Aviation Highschool, Kyeongnam Aviation Highschool, Kyeongnam Aviation Highschool,
Jeongseok Aviation Highshcool, and Cheongju Technical Highschool
03 Support for the students

Conferment of "Excellent Basic Aviation Man of Talent" certificate to excellent students
in the name of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport

Including all students in the aviation manpower DB run by the management institute
and promoting the DB utilization for their employment by industrial corporations

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