Introduction to projectsIntroduction to projects

  • Flight Aviator Fostering ProjectFlight Aviator Fostering Project
  • Support project for aviation-specialized universitiesSupport project for aviation-specialized universities
  • Support projects for aviation internshipSupport projects for aviation internship
  • Basic aviation manpower fostering projectBasic aviation manpower fostering project

Support projects for aviation internship

01 Project Purpose
To expand the pool of aviation experts, and to induce the advancement of excellent manpower to the aviation field, through the fostering of the excellent human resources in the aviation field
To continuously foster, and supply, the leading manpower in the aviation field, equipped with practical knowledge and field experience in the aviation field
02 Overview of the project
Duration 2010.3~2014.2(for 4 years)
Fostering goal a total of about 400 personnel for 4 years
Project expense a total of 4.2 billion won
Participating agencies and universities - Agencies : 20 domestic and foreign corporations, including Korea Airline and Amadeus
(based on the agreement with the management institute as of March of 2011)
- Universities : Inha University, Jeonbuk National University, Korea Aerospace University, Hanseo University
03 Support details
Domestic internship

Support of the maximum of 70% of the wage decided upon between the inern and the agency
(minimum 600 thousand won, maximum 1 million won)

Overseas internship

Support of the round-trip airfair and the living expense, with no wage in principle
(Meal and stationary expenses shall be paid by the participating agency)

04 Support after the end of the internship

Issuing of the internship career certificate by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport

Link to job hunting through the continual management of the career management for the internship participants

Continuous career management by the participating agencies and universities

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