Introduction to projectsIntroduction to projects

  • Flight Aviator Fostering ProjectFlight Aviator Fostering Project
  • Support project for aviation-specialized universitiesSupport project for aviation-specialized universities
  • Support projects for aviation internshipSupport projects for aviation internship
  • Basic aviation manpower fostering projectBasic aviation manpower fostering project

Support project for aviation-specialized universities

01 Project Purpose
Fostering of international aviation experts
to contribute to the development of the aviation industry and to the national interests through our lead of the international market by fostering global manpower equipped with expertise and practical ability.
Fostering of manpower in aerospace technology
to enter the group of 8 advanced countries in aviation through the fostering of R&D manpower dealing with aerospace technology ever fast-developing
02 Overview of the project
Duration 2009.3~2014.2(for 5 years)
Fostering goal a total of about 900 personnel for 5 years
- about 300 international aviation experts
- about 600 personnel in aerospace technology
Project expense a total of 8 billion won (1.6 billion won per year)
Consigned organizations a total of 7 universities (as of March, 2011)
- International aviation expert field: Inha University, Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, Korea Aerospace University
- Aerospace technology field: Kyeongsang University, Seoul National University, Jeonbuk National University, Korea Aerospace University
03 Training programs

Basic aviation training course (45 hours)
- Aviation practice, aviation technology, aviation-related institution, etc.


Intensified training courses at specialized universities (24 credits or 360 hours or more)
- Aviation-related subjects such as Technology Management, Airplane Certification

04 Support for the trainees

Conferment of aviation expert certificate by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport

Shall be conferred to the trainee who had his aviation-related research paper published in a designated academic journal or presented at an academic society

Management of career for job hunting

Continual career management for job hunting by the management institute and the specialized universities

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