Introduction to projectsIntroduction to projects

  • Flight Aviator Fostering ProjectFlight Aviator Fostering Project
  • Support project for aviation-specialized universitiesSupport project for aviation-specialized universities
  • Support projects for aviation internshipSupport projects for aviation internship
  • Basic aviation manpower fostering projectBasic aviation manpower fostering project

Flight Aviator Fostering Project

01 Project Purpose
To promote stable supply of aviators and advancement of excellent aviators to foreign countries through the building up of the flight aviator fostering system, and through the construction of a competitive education base, by the establishment of a private flight training center
02 Overview of the project
Duration 2009.6~2014.2(for 5 years)
Fostering goal a total of 880 pilots for 5 years (140 pilots per year)
Project expense a total of 9.6 billion won (1.8 billion won per year)
Project site Uljin Airport (Uljin Flight Training Center) <located in Giseong-myeon, Uljin-gun, North Kyeongsang Province>
Selection of the training agency 2 agencies (Korea Aerospace University, Hanseo University)
03 Training programs

Running of a training course for fostering commercial pilots (including for privately-owned airplanes, instrument flight, and flights limited to multi-engine planes)


Establishment and running of the training courses in compliance with the related regulations (Clause 1, article 29-3 of the Civil Aeronautics Law and attached table 13 in clause 1, article 94 of the enforcement regulation of the same law) - Total time of lecturing 510 hours or more, flight training 200 hours (FTD 30 hours)

04 Support for the trainees

Pilot internship and additional training

- Promotion of the employment of flight instructors and deputy plane captains at airplane-utilizing companies through the pilot internship
- Accumulation of flight time (80 hours) through additional training

Management of career for job hunting

Continual career management for job hunting by the management institute and the training agencies

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