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  • Flight Aviator Fostering ProjectFlight Aviator Fostering Project
  • Support project for aviation-specialized universitiesSupport project for aviation-specialized universities
  • Support projects for aviation internshipSupport projects for aviation internship
  • Basic aviation manpower fostering projectBasic aviation manpower fostering project

Flight Aviator Fostering Project

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1) Flight Training Center, Korea Aerospace University
Institute Name Flight Training Center, Korea Aerospace University
Curriculum <Airline Pilot Fostering Course>
-Qualification: no limit, 750 or more of the TOEIC score, physical examination for flight attendants level 1, discharged from military service (or exception from it)
-Screening by high-level standards and running of high-level curriculum in view of the employment conditions by private airlines
-Specialized courses for fostering private aviators
-Acquiring of the certificate for a pilot for self
-owned airplanes and for commercial airplanes, basically needed to be a commercial polot
-Securement of the competitiveness for the employment at a private airline after graduation

<Courses for Certifications>
Courses for acquiring domestic pilot certificates, a person may choose to participate in as needed
-Course for pilots for privately owned airplanes
-Course for pilots for commercial airplanes
-Course for instrment flight proof
-Type limited proof course (multi-engine planes)
-Pilot training proof course (for fligh instructors)
Career after
<Employment at an airline>
- Employment course for Uljin training center graduates
- One may participate in the Time Build-up course (with government support), if needed, to meet the employment requirements for an airline
- Sharing of the employment information with airlines, and government management of the job-hunting and career processes of the graduates

<Pilot Intern Course>
- Support by the government up to the maximum of 6 million won for personal expenses, when a graduate is employed (corporations utilizing airplanes, flight instructors, etc)

<Flight Instructor Course>
- An excellent person with commercial pilot certificate who is qualified to be an flight instructor, shall be employed at the Uljin center

<Foreign Flight Career Course>
- One may enter the career acquirement course for a deputy plane captain for a foreign airline, after converting the flight certificate to a foreign one

<Applying to Airline Pilot Program(APP)>
- One who got a commercial pilot certificate may apply to the shortened APP course run by Korea Aerospace University (Refer to the Flight Training Center homepage)
※ The employment standards at airlines and airplane utilization corporations may be different in the required time of flight experience
2) Flight Training Center, Hanseo University
Institute Name Flight Training Center, Hanseo University
Curriculum <Overview>
A training course is opened so that one may be employed at a commercial airline, after acquiring flight license for privately owned planes, instrument flight proof, commercial pilot license, and license limited to multi-engine planes, with up-to-date single-engine planes and multi-engine planes

<Available Courses>
- Combined commercial pilot course(privately owned plane course, instrument flight proof course, commercial pilot course, course limited to multi-engine planes)
- Pilot training proof course (flight instructor qualification)
- A course limited to Jet-engine planes (training for jet-engine planes)
- Turboprop plane conversion course (turboprop plane conversion)
- Time build up course (accumulation of flight time as being chosen)
Career after
1. Employment after graduation
- MOU is signed so that one may be employed at a commercial airline right after graduation of the basic training course (the combined commercial pilot course)

2. Employment after additional career
- Employment through time build up is possible, so that one may accumulate flight experience required for employment at a desirable airline after graduation of the basic training course
- One may equip himself with additional competitiveness for employment as a pilot by acquiring career and certificate of the course limited to a jet-engine plane after the graduation of the basic training course (targeting budget airlines)

3. Intern pilot
- MOU is signed so that one may work for a airplane utilizing corporation as an intern pilot to secure flight career (one may move to other position after securing the career)

4. Flight instructor
- One may acquire a flight instructor certificate through the flight training proof course after the graduation of the basic training course, so that he may be employed as a flight instructor at our university or another internship-contracted training center (or as an intern pilot) and may move to other position after securing flight career